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Gymnastics Unlimited
Gymnastics Unlimited
Program Goals
Gymnastics Unlimited was founded in 1975 and we opened the Orchard Park facility in 1993. We are here to offer the children of WNY the finest, fully equipped gym with caring, professional instruction for all levels. The student to teacher ratio is 8 to 1 or LESS, allowing for personal attention, progressive skill achievement and goal setting. We have only certified, trained, mature instructors. Instructors are current with sports injury first aid and CPR.
Philosophy Programs
Our Philosophy is dedicated to the individual child and to their development as a whole. Our goal is to have each individual enrich his or her life through the sport of gymnastics. We want all children to reach their personal best and in the process enjoy the sport, have self confidence, success and fun.

Our 2020-21 Season is in full swing and running smoothly! Our goal continues to keep everyone involved in our facility as safe and healthy as possible!



Our Programs offer creative ways to help your child develop. Programs enhance positive self-esteem, listening skills and problem solving abilities. These occur while children apply themselves in movement education with gross and fine motor skills. Gymnastics truly is the king of sports. It offers ways to develop strength, coordination, flexibility and mental discipline!



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We are now Open!

Entering the building:

  • No parent, gymnast, or staff is allowed in the gym if they feel sick. Parents should take temperatures at home. Please line up on markers outside the building. When you get to the door, the coach will take child to their class and parent returns to vehicle.

  • Everyone will enter & exit with a mask. For safety reasons, gymnasts will not be required to wear a mask during class. However, they may wear a mask during practice if they choose.

  • Everyone should wash hands and feet thoroughly at home before & after class. They will be required to additionally sanitize hands as they enter the building & periodically during class.

  • Please have children use the bathroom at home before class. Bathroom use is discouraged & is limited to 1. Hand washing procedures must be followed.

  • No changing in the bathrooms. Come to class dressed in gym clothes.

  • Our drinking fountain will be closed off except for touch less water bottle refill. Every gymnast MUST bring a water bottle & personal hand sanitizer in a small bag labeled with child's name. If water bottle is forgotten, parent will need to purchase one from vending machine.

  • No food should be brought into the gym.

  • Gymnasts are NOT allowed to share any personal items with one another!

  • We will be spacing arrival & departure times along with designated distance wait spots.

  • Only 1 parent and the registered gymnast are allowed into the building when scheduled.

  • Payments should be made via credit card over the phone or a check.

  • Parents will need to sign up for viewing, as this is limited.

Backpacks / Gym Bags:

  • All gymnasts will be required to bring a backpack / gym bag with name clearly labeled, that will be able to hold all of their personal items. This will stay with them throughout class. There are a limited amount of gymnastics cinch bags with water bottles available for $5.
    These bags are for:
    ----Personal hand sanitizer
    --- Water bottle
    ----A few band-aids
    ----A plastic bag to put shoes in
    ----Any other item a child may need during class (inhalers, pre-wrap, tape)


  • We will be using drills, stations & circuits to practice distancing. Spotting will only be for the safety of the gymnast.

  • Cleaning will take place between classes and logs will be kept.

  • Areas will be marked on and around equipment to keep kids distanced.

  • We will be sure to review all new regulations during classes to help implement our new routine.

We appreciate your continuous support and understanding during this time. We value the mental and physical support that gymnastics brings. Your gymnast's health and safety are of the utmost importance. We will be watching for additional guidelines from the CDC, as well as both USA Gymnastics and NYS Gymnastics to update our policies as needed.

June & Steve and all of the staff at GU


What We Offer


    • Learning in Motion- 2 Hour "preschool" with a TWIST!
    • Parent - Tot programs
    • Recreation classes for pre-school-18 years,
       boys and girls
    • Open playground time every
       Wed. & Thurs. 12-1:00 p.m. $7 public welcome
    • Girls' competitive and developmental teams
    • Boys' competitive and developmental teams
    • Open tumbling for cheerleaders
    • Advanced classes
    • Group Filed Trips
    • Birthday Parties
    • Sleepovers
    • Open workouts every Friday & Saturday night from
       7-9:00 p.m. Public welcome $12, $6 for
    • Private Instruction available for all levels including
      special needs


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Our greatest accomplishment is to see children grow and develop to their fullest capabilities
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