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Updated Policies  (as of 11/24/21)

(These policies can change at any moment depending on 

what's going on in the area and at the owner's discretion)

Mask Policy 

Our mask policy has been updated.

We ask that everyone wear a mask upon entering and exiting the gym as well as in the restrooms and lobby area.


Gymnasts and coaches will wear their masks during class at this time. 

If a gymnast enters without a mask they will be given a disposable one, we ask for your help to please have the gymnasts remember their own mask. 


Please continue to monitor your gymnast's health.  If they are ever not feeling well please use your best judgement on whether to send  them to practice. 

Temperatures will no longer be taken, but hands and feet will be sanitized.

Parent Viewing / Lobby 

The total occupancy of our lobby area is much smaller than the other areas in our building.  We would like to keep the lobby less crowded, therefore we ask that parents to please continue to sign up for viewing by calling the front desk.  


We request you register to view only once per month. 


To view more often, call the morning of the child's class to check availability.  IF there is an available spot, you will be welcome to view additional times per month on a week to week basis.

Parents are welcome to visit the front desk for payments without prior notice. 

Drop Off / Pick Up 

Parents please continue to drive up to the door and remain outside for drop off & pick up.   

We appreciate everyone's cooperation and respect in complying with these policies.  

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