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Rules & Policies


Please make every effort to complete 4 months of classes. Until your child has mastered a few skills, lessons are repetitious, stretches hurt, muscles are sore, etc. We will make every effort to see that your child not only works hard, but has fun too!

Safety/ Tuition

Safety Policies

  • Students are not allowed on equipment without a coach present.

  • Horse playing is not allowed.

  • No food or drink and NO GUM allowed.

  • Pick up immediately after class is over.

  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items, do not bring / leave valuables in the gym.

  • Please remain in your car in the circle until a coach brings out your child. 

  • If you need to come to the door or into the building, please park in the lot.​​

  • No child under the age of 18 is allowed to leave the building without a designated guardian or express written permission (those who drive themselves).

Tuition Policy

• Annual Registration Fee of $45.00 - paid at time of sign up (Recreation Program).

• Paid registration fees & tuition are not refundable for any reason.


• Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.

• Tuition pays your child's spot in class; it's not based on attendance.

• Late tuition payments are assessed a $5.00 charge; Late fees are applied on the 2nd of each month.

• Returned checks are assessed a $25 NSF fee.

• The adult signing registration / bringing child is responsible for tuition. Please refer to #5 on registration form.



Recreation's registration fee is $45 for the  

1st and 2nd child and $40 for 3rd and more.

Monthly payments assume a 4 week month

Sibling discount is 5% on tuition

We accept cash, checks, Mastercard, Visa, Discover & American Express

NSF checks are charged a $25 fee


• leotard, socks optional (no tights and wind pants -  too slippery)

• Hair secured off face

• no jewelry, no dangling earrings

(post earrings are allowed)

* T-shirt (must cover belly) 

* • Shorts with no pockets, zippers, buckles, belts or wind pants


• T-shirt

• Shorts with no pockets, zippers, buckles, belts or wind pants


Make Ups/Withdrawing

Missed Classes

  • It is the student's responsibility to attend class, therefore, reductions will not be granted for missed classes.

  • Due to the nature of our program, make ups cannot be offered.  However, we understand that it is at times unavoidable to miss a class.  We will provide extra class times on school breaks & during gym breaks to offer a time for your child to come in for a missed class.  

  • Missed classes due to the gym closing will be scheduled when/if needed.

  • The office personnel must be notified in writing of a prolonged illness or injury for exceptions to be made.


• The recreational gymnastics "season" runs from September - June. Any student dropping from the program or going on hold must give 2 weeks written notice.

• Clients are responsible for tuition covering the two-week notice. If notice is not given to the office, the client will be responsible for that month's tuition.

drop off/newsletter

Drop Off - Pick Up

Drop off:

  • Please drive through the circle, stopping at the door to leave off your child with staff.  

  • If you need to get out of your car to assist your child, please park in the lot and walk to the door.

  • DO NOT park or get out of your vehicle in the circle.

Pick Up:

  • Same as drop off; drive through the circle, stopping at door and staff will release your child and/or assist them outside to your vehicle. 

  • If you want or need to get your child at the door, park your vehicle in the lot and wait outside on the sidewalk.

  • There is a $3.00 charge for every 15 minutes a child is here after class. Our staff is not able to stay after class or able to tend to children when another class is in progress.

• Gives important information on upcoming events.

• Includes information on special weekly themes.

• Handed out monthly.


Extra copies will be available at the desk & emailed out with the weekly email, if your child was absent.

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