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3 and 4 year olds

  • Educational Classes that teach fundamental Kindergarten readiness using movement, gymnastics equipment and activity to reinforce classroom lessons.


18 months to

3 years

  • Structured, basic gymnastics skills on soft equipment along with circle time.

  • Get a jump on coordination & enhance motor skills while having great fun!!​

  • Structured classes organized by age and ability.  

  • Individually challenged with  progressions and have skill sheets for each level.

  • Once the skills for that level are completed, a gymnast has "graduated" and a new sheet is started.

  • Classes are named Wave Runner, Tidal Wave (Beginner), Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane

Boys and Girls Pre-Team & Team Programs (invite only)


5 years and up

(boys & girls)

  • Program involves multiple days per week, moving at a faster rate, and involving more intense skills and conditioning compared to the recreational classes.

  • Pre-Team teams get prepared for competition team by participating in local and in-house meets.

  • Competitive teams start at Level 3 for girls and Level 4 for boys. 

  • It involves a giant step into gaining strength, flexibility, skills and self-esteem.

Birthday Parties


up to 18 years

  • 1 hour and 15 min duration,  1 Hour of fun, games and gymnastics. 

  • 15 minutes for opening gifts.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons


up to 21 years

  • Individual coaching with great results

Other Events (Watch for information in newsletters, posted signs and emails)


up to 21 years

All open to the Public(Members & Non-Members)

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