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Recreation Program

Recreation Classes


For boys & girls, 18 months and up, the recreation program is designed to challenge

students while promoting confidence and self-esteem.

Gymnastics develops kids' flexibility, strength, agility and overall fitness. 

Research shows that children who participate in gymnastics at a young age are more proficient at other sports!

Recreation classes are divided into levels--all beginners 5 yrs & up start at Tidal Waves regardless of age and then progress through the levels by mastering the skills in each level.

The gymnast's progress is recorded on a Progression sheet – when the Progression Sheet is completed, the child moves on to the next level.


Classes consist of all the Olympic Events, for the girls, Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor as well as Trampoline and for the boys, Vault, Bars, Mushroom, Rings, and Floor, as well as Trampoline.  

Games and Activities for fitness are also included!

Classes are 8 to 1 or less, Student to Teacher ratio!!

Give us a call at 716-677-0338 to sign up!!!

What to Wear!!

What to wear: 


 Leotard

 NO 2 piece outfits (Stomachs must be covered)

 Hair pulled back and secured off face

 NO jewelry, NO earrings (post earrings are ok )


 T -shirt, shorts or sweat pants: nothing too baggy

 NO pockets, zippers, buckles, belts or wind pants

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