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2023-24 Recreation  Schedule

Registration Fee and current monthly tuition

will be due at time of sign up.  


September 2023 -August 2024

$45 Yearly Registration Fee

45 minute Classes(Rolling Ripples/WaveRunners)   $75/Month

1 hour Classes(Tidal Waves, Typhoons,  Tornados, Boys, Tramp & Tumble)  $85/Month

Tsunamis $113/month       Hurricanes $ 125/month

These prices are for 4 classes per month, once a week.

Your child would come to the same class every week.

If interested in doing a second class, its 25% off.

2023-24 Recreation  Schedule

September 6 - June 24

At Gymnastics Unlimited,

we always have open enrollment, as long as there are openings.

Recreation classes are divided into levels--all beginners 5 yrs & up start at Tidal Waves regardless of age and then progress through the levels by mastering the skills in each level

Come join us for some fun this season!!!

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