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Private Lessons

Gymnastics Unlimited offers private lessons for our current members as well as non-members.


Whether you need to perfect a cartwheel, get your kip, back tuck, or work on your double-full, someone at Gymnastics Unlimited can help you. 

Many high school girls book privates to enhance their tumbling skills in preparation for Cheer Team.

All private lessons are scheduled directly with the coach. Coaches generally schedule around their hours at the gym and are subject to availability.

Contact the instructor directly by either phone or email. Be prepared with the days/times you are available to do the lessons.

Our coaching staff is very experienced and will help you to perfect your skills!

We will not do private lessons with team gymnasts from other clubs.

Please call the Gymnastics Unlimited office to leave your contact info for a coach!

Call for prices! 

Private Gymnastics Lessons
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