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Recreation Classes

Recreation Classes are broken down by AGE and SKILL LEVEL.  Your child would be placed in a class with around the same age and skill level in it.

Gymnastics Unlimoted
What to Wear!!

What to wear: 


 Leotard, t-shirt gym shorts over leotard.

 NO 2 piece outfits (Stomachs must be covered)

 Hair pulled back and secured off face

 NO jewelry, NO earrings (post earrings are ok )


 T -shirt, shorts or sweat pants: nothing too baggy

 NO pockets, zippers, buckles, belts or wind pants

Rolling Ripples

Rolling Ripples-Parent Tot Class

(ages 18 months to 3 years)


In these classes, we help parent and child work together in a playful, fun atmosphere to develop the child's hand-eye coordination, body awareness, build strength, agility and flexibility while learning basic gymnastic skills. 
We use music, games and fun props to create an enjoyable experience for both parent and child.

Gymnastics Unlimited

Wave Runners 

(3-4 years)

A structured class using cognitive learning to help w/child develop-

ment stages. Being a 'FIT-nastics' class we will focus on movement, 

body & aerial awarness. We will use props and music throughout

class to teach and reinforce development & fine/large motor skills.

Once the kids are comfortable & independent we will then teach 

basic positions & skills using circuits in a safe, encouraging environment.

Tidal Waves

Tidal Waves/Typhoons

(5 years and up)

This is a structured BEGINNER group to learn basic strength, flexibility, balance/

coordination and skills in a fun, challenging atmosphere. Individual 

progression sheets are used to record each child's success. Once they

complete the skills on their sheet independently then they will graduate 

to the Tornado level.



(6 years & up)

This is a structured group to master basic skills/form & learn some 

intermediate skills, strength & flexibility. Use safe progressions & drills

to complete criteria on Individual progression sheet. Once all skills are 

accomplished on sheet, then they graduate to Tsunami level.

Isla on beam.png


(7 years & up)

Previous experience required.

Master intermediate skills & learn advanced skills, strength & flexibility.

Use safe progressions & drills to complete criteria to graduate to Hurricane Level.



(7 years & up)

Previous experience required. 

Use prior progressions to learn more advanced skills & start connecting skills. 

Must be willing to try. Class divided into “Categories” according to skill ability.


Tumbling for Girls & Boys

(7 years & up)

This program trains students on tumbling skills using the spring floor and trampolines and does not include any equipment training. Tumbling develops a student's flexibility, agility, strength and overall fitness.  Tumbling skills are also helpful to those pursuing cheerleading. 


To attend, you MUST have Tornado level skills (i.e. forward/backward roll, handstand, front limber cartwheel, bridge, back bend, round off)

BOYS 5 yrs & up 
_untitled_ 88#F19F.jpg

Boys Recreation

(5 years & up)

The Boys Recreation program is for boys age 5 yrs old & up and run for an hour. 

Classes are loaded with fast paced drills to develop speed, quickness, strength and agility. We work on all those basics that will make them faster on the basketball court, able to swing for the fence on the baseball diamond and work the quick twitch muscles for soccer and track!

Classes have a 6:1 student teacher ratio.

What to wear: T-shirts and athletic shorts are recommended.

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